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AssignmentHelps is an essay writing service that isn‘t terrible when it comes to writing essays, but they do have a few faults that should be highlighted. For starters, it is up to the webmaster to choose whether to install pop-ups, but since the user is on the website already it seems silly to badger them into buying with pop-ups. What is more annoying is that every time you click a different page you see the same popup again and again. Secondly, their Best-Price scheme is not genuine; it just means they may be willing to negotiate if pushed.


They offer what they call basic subjects, and engineering subjects, and subjects they define as other. The ones they define as other include things such as law. The ones they refer to as basic are English and math papers, along with any liberal arts papers. Your best bet is to click off the popup on your screen and get in touch with them to find out if they can do your essay work for you. Maybe you could talk with a friendly Reprehensive (that is how they spell it on the website).


Getting their prices is a little tricky. They ask that you submit your proposal and/or assignment first before giving you a discount and they send you an email with your quote on it. This is rich given the fact they are offering the lowest prices guaranteed. It means that if they are offering the lowest prices they are checking their competitors after your order. This would be fine if it were not for the fact you do not get the lowest price possible on the email they send. Plus, there are many students that are not too willing to give away their email address without knowing what prices they are going to have to pay.


You need not worry about discounts because on every page you will see a popup with a 5-second delay. It pops up to tell you there is a 10% discount on your first order. They often have special offers too, such as 10% off an order if it is urgent (short deadline). The fact that they make you wait for an email before you get your quote makes their discount scheme mute, since they are offering to take 10% off a price you haven‘t seen yet. It is as if they are more interested in getting your email address than they are in giving you a price.


On the homepage, you will see the link for the contact page. Click it and you get to their email services. Email support is not such a bad idea because it means they can compose a response instead of putting you on hold as they find an answer. If you want a slightly quicker response, you can use the Chat-Life Now function on the website. Their staff work through the night, so you need not worry about not getting through (there is almost always someone online to answer your questions).

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  1. I have recently used the service of and it was terrible. Copy and pasted information (majority of it was irrelevant to the topic), poor grammar and the sentences they did write made little sense. In addition once i expressed my concerns they started to ignore my emails. In the end I had to write the entire assignment again and now they will not refund any of my money. STAY AWAY!!

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