This is the Australian section of It’s not a traditional custom writing service where you fill in order forms and wait for your paper. It works on a negotiation basis. All you need to do is contact the support via phone or Facebook chat. You’ll tell them what you need and they will try to find a nerd from their team to complete the assignment. Then, they will offer a price and you can accept or deny the offer. You’ll still have to pay in advance.

Basically, it works similarly to any other service, but the negotiation process takes you more time. The quality depends on the writer. AU.GoNerdify doesn’t seem to have a standard regarding the quality. It’s just like hiring a freelance writer on a freelancing platform. In this case, however, you pay in advance and someone else chooses the freelancer for you.


You won’t find transparent prices at this website. The writers evaluate the complexity of the task and suggest the price. In the FAQs, you’ll find a question How much does it cost to use Nerdify? However, you won’t find a price answer. They tell you it’s free to text them and request their services. “We will charge a small premium over the lowest possible cost of the goods or services that you need.” What does that even mean?

The good thing is that they send you the exact offer and ask for your approval before they proceed with the order. They don’t impose extra charges, so there’s no risk at asking for an offer.

The homepage gives you an idea of how much an assignment could cost. You see price suggestions in the screenshots from chats with customers.

  • For a stats task, for example, a writer with an MBA degree charges $23 per hour.
  • For proofreading content of 2 pages within a deadline of 12 hours, they suggest a price of $20.

Discounts and Free Services

The company suggest reasonable prices, but there are no discounts here. You better check the offer and compare it to the one of top-ranked services. You might get a better price somewhere else.

As for the free features, there’s an option to negotiate. You can ask for a free bibliography, plagiarism report, or anything else you need. The team might or might not approve your request.

Other Information

The customer support system is very efficient. They instantly respond, and you’ll quickly get an offer. However, if you don’t like the results, there’s not much you can do. The company does not guarantee free revisions.

Overall, it’s a good refreshment in the academic writing industry. It’s a concept that could work; it just needs some polishing.


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