Review seems like a nice website. It’s clean, simple, and informative. That’s exactly why many students are attracted to it. However, this is a relatively new service in the industry. We see new services popping out of nowhere, and most of them don’t succeed. That’s the reason why students are being cautious when it comes to choosing a new website.

The content at the website is a bit confusing. There’s a lot of text everywhere, and sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Fortunately, the quality of the products is better. Aussie students can get good papers from this service, but they have to be very careful and specific during the ordering process. The biggest problem is that the pricing is not transparent.


Unfortunately, you won’t find a price chart at this website. There’s something that looks like a price calculator, but it’s actually a brief order form. This is a serious problem. When a student wants to order a paper online, they look at several websites to compare the prices. Here, you’ll have to contact the support and wait for an answer. How do you know if that’s the price they give to all other customers? How do you know you’re not being tricked?

To contact the support agents via live chat, you’ll have to provide your name and phone number. Why would you give someone your phone number when you’re not even sure you want to order there?

Although the students still get affordable prices from, the lack of transparency makes the service look shady.

Discounts and Free Services

You won’t find any information about the prices or discounts at the website. The order form allows you to choose the preferred referencing style, so I guess we could consider that as a free service.

You also get free revisions until full satisfaction. However, the terms and conditions are very brief and non-transparent. They don’t include any information about a revision policy. You get a claim at the website, but you can’t be sure the company will keep the promise when it’s not included in the official policies.

Other Information

There’s no security certificate at the website. The company accepts most payment options, so that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

There’s a live chat feature, but it requires contact information for you to access it. You can also use a quick form to send a message to the support.


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