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This is a relatively popular writing service among Australian students, which is weird because the website is terrible and features absurd text. The founders could have invested more effort and money on the website because the content and the design are both terrible. They have a few writers that are good at things such as dissertations, but mostly their writers are qualified for doing homework. They are the sort of writers you can trust to do your homework, but that you may think twice about doing your coursework. If you are looking for them to do your coursework, then pay the higher band prices so they only put fully quailed and experienced people on your project. With this company you get what you pay for, which means if you pay the lowest prices, you get the lowest quality. screenshot


They are happy to write most college essays, though they are mostly interested in writing essays. If you want something such as a presentation or a work involving programming, then you are going to have trouble. They do have writers that can do more advanced projects–which include things such as programming and advanced math. The only problem is that they have a limited number of these staff members, which means it is first-come-first serviced during peak seasons.


Click on the prices page and you will see yet more examples of poor web content. Don’t bother reading it, as it is just search engine content. Use the quotation tool to find your price. Toggle the product you want, the number of pages and the spacing. It then gives you a list of prices. The prices are quite reasonable and start as low as $12.99 per essay page for a 10-day deadline at standard quality. As mentioned in the introduction, you pay for what you get with this company, which means if you choose standard quality then you are choosing passable quality. The work will not sparkle or get you a good grade/score, just a passable one.


You can get 15% off your first order if you use the discount code advertised on the website. This code changed every now and again, as does the starter discount. The discount is set up to allow first-time buyers the chance to gain a little experience with the company. It means that students that are nervous about using an essay writing service need not be so worried because they do not lose as much if they are not satisfied. There appears to be no other discounts on with this service.


To get in touch, you either click the Live Chat button at the top of the page, or you click the Contact Us link that runs across the top. Get to the contact us page, and ignore the piece of website programming code that has spilled over because the web designer was rushing. You will find their email address, their phone number and the online message form you can use to send off a question without having to start up your email app.

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  1. is a scam company. My assignment failed and they say they offer a refund but they dont. Obviously english is not their first language, and they do not address the subject at all

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