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This custom-writing service offers various types of products for students in high school, college, and graduate school. It seems like the webmaster was trying to present a popular brand of toothpaste instead of writing services. They also have images of women in their twenties (who knows why) on the website showing off their teeth. So, if you want an essay writing and a pearly white smile, then you may get both with this service.

The company mainly concentrates on college level work, but this also means they are happy to work on High School work too; as all their writers go through High School (all the writers have at least a college degree). All essays are custom written, so plagiarism will not be an issue.

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Not only do they offer pictures of women with sparkly white teeth, they also offer to write any assignment you may receive within a mainstream college. This means that your clown college essays will have to go to another essay writing service. There are some projects they will not touch within a mainstream college, and they mostly include advanced engineering projects and programming projects. They have a large complement of staff, which means there are plenty of subjects they can cover. However, if you are worried your course may be a little too difficult, you should make contact and ask them if they have a suitable writer to complete your project.


When you first see the prices page, it looks a little bare, but if you toggle the options it gives you, then a table appears with lists of prices. The quotation tool features the deadline and quality standards. For example, if you want one page of essay work at a 10-day deadline, then enter it into the quotation tool and it will tell you that the standard price is $12.99 and it will give you prices for different deadlines and different levels of quality.


You get a 15% discount off your first order if you enter the code BEGIN15 when you make your order. Do not worry about remembering this code, as they advertise it on banners on their website. There are no discounts for bulk buying, but you can play with the quotation tool to get a reasonably low price if you wish. You should also know that many essay writing services offer prices based on pages with 250 words, but this website offers prices based on pages with 275 words.


There is a phone number at the top right of the website in the header. You can call it at almost any time night or day and you will get through to someone. Unlike most essay writing services, they also put their email address on the header too, which makes a nice change. The customer support on the phones are not so hot, mainly because they are mostly made up of thick accents and so-so English comprehension. However, the email support is very fast and very good. Try the email support before you try calling them.

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