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5 Basic Tips on Resume Writing

Because of the increasingly harsh economy, it has become very difficult for people to find jobs. In order to stand out from the rest, they need to be able to have a wide skill

8 Tips on Application Letter to College

One of the biggest challenges every high school senior will have to take on at the end of their high school education is writing their college application letter. The experience is incredibly stressful, because

How Famous Books Got Their Titles – Infographic

When you read a special book, you can’t help but wonder how the author could get such great ideas. He was able to visualize a whole new world and present it through sImagine the

6 Smart Ways That Will Simplify Your Recruiting Process

The process of recruitment could be long, hard and complicated sometimes. May be not the whole process but tweaking a step or two will simplify your recruitment process considerably. You need smart ways to

Nobel Prize in Literature – Infographic

Interesting Facts about Nobel Prize in Literature The Nobel Prize in Literature was one of the five prizes mentioned in Alfred Nobel’s will, which instructs that his remaining estate should be used for providing