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Essayshark is a company that offers you the chance to get in touch with your own writer. You get to pick the person that writes your essay. They have a very good presentation that explains how it all works basically, you post an advert and people bid on it. The writers on the system have their own qualifications, none of which is checked by Essay Sharks, and they bid on your project. You choose the person to write your essay based on their bid and supposed qualifications.

The redeeming feature of this website is the rating system. If a writer is a fraud, then he or she will get bad ratings from other customers. Writers with good ratings may be a little easier to trust, though that trust often means a higher price.



It is tricky to review what they offer because what they offer is limited to the writers that have signed up with the website. Today there may be three writers that can do advanced mathematics, and next week there may be no mathematicians at all. You are not obliged to pay for posting adverts, so post an advert and see who bids. If there are people available that can do your work for you then you can pick them (if you wish). It can be annoying having to wait a day or two for people to post high-quality bids because not all the writers are online all the time.


The cost of your project is going to depend on the writers and the bid you pick. You can go for the cheapest one if you wish, but that will probably involve picking the person with the lowest rating, which means there is a higher chance you are going to get a poor quality essay in return for your money.


There are no discounts with this company. The aim is to set you up with a writer. You choose the writer based on the proposals you receive. This means that the price you pay is limited by the proposals you receive. If you want a discount, you can chat with the writers on the website and try to negotiate downwards–or you can just pick the lowest bid (remember that sometimes you get what you pay for).


Unlike most essay writing services, there are no links on the homepage to direct you to the contact centre or customer service department. The aim of the website is to set you up with writers to do your work for you, which means most of your contact revolves around the writer. If you have a genuine concern about your writer and would like to make a complaint, you can get in touch with their resolution service, but this is only available if you have an account and have made an order and are not happy with it. As far as customer support goes, they have an FAQ section that is supposed to answer all your questions. The “How it works“ section is rather good at answering most questions that people have about the service.

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