If you’re looking for a specialized Aussie assignment help service, you’ll probably come across to This service has an international website, but it’s mostly aimed at Australian students. The company is relatively new, so it still hasn’t earned high reputation. However, it deserves a chance. This service offers decent quality for affordable prices. However, the website is slightly confusing. It’s not easy to find all information you need, and you’ll constantly get annoying pop-ups.

The order placement process is simple and easy. You submit an order and wait for the writer to complete it on time. However, there’s no direct contact with the writer and there’s no policy for revisions. That can be a problem for most students interested in Instant Assignment Help.


The prices are very transparent. It’s easy to see how much your paper is going to cost. There’s a price calculator at the homepage, but you can also see a clear price chart with all quality levels, deadlines and quotes per page. The prices are relatively affordable. They fall within the range of average in the industry. If you want to order an essay, you’ll be able to set a deadline from 70 days to 1 day. The deadlines of 70, 60, 50, and 40 days seem rather unusual for essays, so let’s just focused on the deadlines from 10 days on. These are the prices per page you get:

  • 2:2 Standard: From AU$ 17.40 per page for the deadline of 10 days to AU$ 36.98 for the deadline of 1 day;
  • 2:1 Standard: From AU$ 21.00 to AU$ 44.63 per page;
  • First Class Standard: From AU$ 25.20 to AU$ 53.55 per page.

Needless to say, you get different quotes for different types of services. Make sure to select the right product from the dropdown menu, so you’ll see the correct quotes per page.

Discounts and Free Services

There’s a misleading claim that says you get up to 50% off. However, the discount for first-time users is only 25%. That’s still a great discount, but you’ll be disappointed if you really expect to get 50% off.

As for the free stuff, it’s confusing. You get free quality assurance reports, free products and services assistance, and free impressive guarantees. We’re not sure what “free quality assurance reports” means. And what do they mean under free products and services assistance, when you actually pay for your product and service?

Other Information

The company accepts most credit cards and payment options. However, the website doesn’t feature information about a security certificate.

The support is available 24/7 via live chat, phone and email. You can also use a brief message form to contact them.


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