Time Management for Students: How to Finish Your Assignments On Time

Time Management for Students

Going to university is a special time when you can make new friends and create lifelong memories with them. However, it’s also a time when you are very busy going to class, doing coursework and studying. It can be hard to find a slot in your schedule that allows you to go out with friends. By making some small changes to your routine, you’ll have time to get your work done and still see your mates. Here’s how.

1. Group Your Classes Together

Instead of scattering your classes out through the day, block them back to back. This might sound like it will be difficult, but it actually saves you quite a bit of time. You won’t have an idle hour here and there while you wait for your next class. You will likely find yourself trolling Facebook or watching cat videos instead of getting any work done in that hour, meaning you’ll have to do it all later. By getting all of your classes finished at one time, you’ll naturally have large blocks of time later in the day to study and see your friends.

2. Don’t Miss Class

It might seem like you’ll have more time if you skip class, but making up the work and finding the notes and material from a classmate could take longer than just going to the class. You’ll learn the information more efficiently and won’t have to spend hours later hunting down what you need, leaving you more time for pizza and beer with your dorm mates.

3. Write Down a Plan

Having a plan makes life so much easier when you’re at university. Blocking time for studying and time for friends lets you get it all done and enjoy your off time. Keep a schedule for when you’re in class, when you need to study and what blocks of time are available for socialising. This way, you get the important stuff done and still have time for the fun stuff.

4. Get Homework Done on Time

You may be tempted to forgo studying because all of your friends are heading to the bar. This will only put you further behind and keep you from going with them next time too. A good plan should have you getting your coursework done with plenty of time leftover for a beer with mates. However, sometimes you may have to turn down an invitation to go out so that you can get your work done, so that’s a time you just have to suck it up. On the other hand, if you put it off, you may find yourself facing a ton of reading and assignments that you must finish all at one time.

5. Balance Your Course Load

When you choose your classes each term, be sure you are mixing those that are a bit easier with those that are probably going to be more challenging. This way, you have less work in some that balances out with the larger amounts of work required in the others. If you find that you’re spending a lot of time on one particular class, cut back elsewhere to balance things out. No one enjoys uni when it’s all work and no play, so the right balance is key to working toward your degree and fostering your friendships at the same time.

6. Skip Long Vacations

Some uni kids take a week here and there to travel or fit in a break. That’s simply not a good time management choice. Sure, that week off will be fun, but the loads of work you’re facing when you return will keep you so busy for the coming months that you won’t have any time to see your friends at all. It’s best to attend class regularly and stick to scheduled breaks. If you do decide to get away, take your work with you and try to keep up.

7. Do Everything Only Once

You might scribble your notes in class, then rewrite them later for studying. This is a waste of time. If you can read the scribbled notes, use them to study. Or, take your laptop to class and type your notes right away instead of doing it later. Don’t sit idly in class, taping the lecture to come back to later. Take notes right now and you’re done. Now you have time for catching up with your friends.

Time management is a very important skill to learn at university and one that will serve you well now and in the future. Learning to balance your coursework with your social time allows you to get the most out of your time at university in all regards. It might not be easy to get started, but once these ideas become your habit, you’ll be amazed at how efficient you are and at how much time you have to socialise.

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