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We welcome guest posts at our website at any time. You may choose any topic related to our niche and drop us your content. If it fits, we’ll publish it!

Why Write a Guest Post for TopAussieWriters

Please note that we do not pay guest post authors. However, you get great benefits when writing for us.

  1. You’ll share experience and knowledge that will help students
    Are you one of those people who always have advice to give to students and recent graduates? Are you a student or a graduate who has experience to share? By writing a post for our website, you’ll spread your voice further.

    Students are our target audience. They are constantly stressed out and pressured by assignments, exams, and social challenges. They will appreciate your help.

    You can also address recent graduates, who are looking for their first jobs. You’ve been in their shoes? You found your own strategy to compete on the job market with success? Do share!

  2. You’ll gain exposure
    Hundreds of people will see your post. We will not only publish your content at our website, but we’ll also promote it via social media channels.

    You may include links to your blog or articles you’ve written. Of course, the links have to be relevant and support the point of the article you write for us.
    We give you a great chance to promote yourself as a good writer.
    We do not accept sponsored posts

Guest Posting Guidelines is a serious website. We won’t publish every piece of content authors submit. The point is to make the website a useful place where students can find helpful resources, so there are standards to meet.

Don’t worry; there’s nothing overly challenging about our guidelines. If your craft a post in accordance with them, we’ll definitely publish it.

  1. Who Can Write for Us?
    Students, educators, and authors who cover educational topics – you’re all welcomed to submit a guest post.
  2. Your Content Has to Fit In
    These are the categories we cover at our website:

    • Tips for university applicants, university students, and recent graduates. Your tips may be focused on anything from studying, writing, work, and social life.
    • In-depth articles about the educational system, teaching methods, and technology in education.
      We encourage you to go through our website and check the topics we’ve already covered. Don’t repeat them. Your article has to be unique and creative.
  3. Fresh and Original Content
    We will check your post through a plagiarism detection engine. We do not accept any plagiarized content. Please, include links when you refer to or paraphrase source from other websites.
    Your article will be exclusively published on We do not accept articles that have been published elsewhere.

    The post must be fresh and creative. Whatever topic you choose, make sure you find a unique angle. There are tons of online resources that cover these topics. At TopAussieWriters, we want to offer special value to students.

  4. Be Simple and Clear
    Please, no flowery language! What we want is clear, clean, and comprehensive content.
    Proofread and edit the article before sending it.
  5. Make the Post at Least 600 Words Long
    We won’t limit the length of your article. If you like long-form posts, you may send us one. However, we do have a minimum. Your article has to be at least 600 words long.
  6. Include a Bio
    Please, include your bio at the end of the post and make it up to 50 words long.
  7. Links
    We recommend them. Include useful links to authority resources in your article. Do not include affiliate links! It’s okay to include a link to a post you’ve written, only when it fits. We reserve the right to remove or alter the links in the article.
    You may also include a link to your blog or social profile in the bio.
  8. Images
    We strongly encourage the use of images in guest posts. The images should be at least 600 pixels and at most 800 pixels wide.
  9. Send Us the Article
    Go on; pick your topic and follow our guidelines. We’re eager to see what you’ll write. Send the article as an MS Word document attachment to *email address*. Use “Guest post for TopAussieWriters” as the subject line of your message.

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