When you read a special book, you can’t help but wonder how the author could get such great ideas. He was able to visualize a whole new world and present it through sImagine the frustration of someone who spent monthstyle and form that keeps you awake for days. There is no question about it: some writers are geniuses. Their creativity works in the most unexpected ways, so you might be surprised that some of them get stuck when they need to think of titles for their books.

Imagine the frustration of someone who spent months or years pouring his soul into a manuscript, and then he tortures himself because he can’t think of a nice title. Fitzgerald, for example, wanted the name Trimalchio in West Egg for his most famous novel. Thank God for editors! Lewis Carroll also struggled with the title for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, so he had to ask for help from his friend.

Finding a good title for a book is pure art. The author has to grasp the essence of hundreds of pages into a simple, short formulation that intrigues the reader to pick up the book. Since writers are too attached to their own work, they can’t distinguish the most important insinuations the title is supposed to make. That’s why they end up changing the suggested titles multiple times before publication.

Are you interested to know where the titles of your favorite books came from? This great infographic shows famous authors and novels from a different angle.

How Famous Books Got Their Titles infographics

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How Famous Books Got Their Titles – Infographic