The process of recruitment could be long, hard and complicated sometimes. May be not the whole process but tweaking a step or two will simplify your recruitment process considerably. You need smart ways to enhance candidate experience while reducing time and cost from your end. Here are study cases to show you that:

Optimize Application Process

The Need- Poor experience can increase candidate drop-off rates. As the candidate’s experience was neglected, the process became time-consuming and inconvenient. The competitive job market calls for employers to optimize application process to attract more qualified candidates.

The Solution - Use an Applicant Tracking System

  • Reduce the length of the application tests because it will drive away qualified candidates.

  • Save the difficult questions for later rounds.

  • Increase communication with candidate throughout the process.

The Benefits - AT&T built a user-friendly application process. They reduced the number of questions from 75 to 31 and setup a dedicated team to increase the status updates. Their candidate drop-off rate reduced by 15% and more qualified candidates started applying.

Improve Candidate Experience

The Need - For technical candidates, there have to be other ways to judge the technical capability other than resumes and interviewing each and every applicant is time-consuming. If resumes are the only measure of screening candidates then the talent pool is reduced. This method also neglects the well-qualified candidates from other backgrounds.

The Solution - Administer Off-site technical tests

The spot exams or tests may stress the candidate and may not bring out the full potential. Rather, a test that can be solved at the candidate’s pace is more natural.

The Benefits - You can see the candidate’s full potential when challenges are solved without any pressure. The test results will funnel out the undesirable candidates and save p to 88% of screening time.

Use Staffing Firms

The Need - A large international corporation required heavy staffing. To meet the high requirement, the company worked with multiple placement agencies. The coordination and management of the agencies increased frustration for HR.

The Solution - Agree on single-source staffing

A single sourcing agency will have only a single point of contact for HR. Use temporary staffing solution that depends only on the workload. The experience for HR will be simplified, thus simplifying the recruiting process.

The Benefits - The staffing activities are greatly simplified. The firm will also be dedicated to work for you, their client. Besides, employees are ready for hire at short notices as well. The relationship will motivate the agency to find high-quality employees and better fit for the corporation.

Invest in E-recruiting System

The Need - Nike receives over 800 resumes every month. The administrative tasks for HR personnel caused delays in the recruitment process. There were issues of applicant tracking, scheduling interviews, and handling inquiries from candidates became cumbersome.

The Solution - Standardize HR Processes and optimize e-methods

  • The recruiting system encourages applicants to apply from Nike website.

  • Line managers could review applications online.

  • No need for paper resumes (that may be misplaced or lost)

The Benefits - The system reduced the duplication of efforts. It also maintained a pool of applicants in the database. This is used for upcoming open positions. Doing this reduced the overall costs of recruitment. The average time to fill positions fell from 62 to 42 days.

Choose Video Interviewing

The Need – Rolls-Royce employs more than 50,000 workforce from all over the world. The recruiting takes place from over 40 countries. For their new location in India, many key roles need to be filled. The positions ranged over many roles such as engineering, design, analytics, project managers, etc. a team in Manila handles the applications. Shortlisted candidates were then flown to Assessment Center for further rounds. This was costly and time-consuming recruiting process.

The Solution - Incorporating a video interview with managers

The remote interviewing via video is an important second stage after the applications were screened from an application tracking system.

The Benefits - This saved a lot of time of hiring managers. A video interview lasted only 10-15 minutes vis-a-vis a personal interview that could stretch to almost 90 minutes. With more centers planned to open in India, video interviewing has simplifying this global companies recruiting process.

HRIS System for Internal Hiring

The Need - External recruitment is costly. While an Application Tracking System is beneficial and essential to track external applicants, there is a need to streamline internal hiring too. The right applicant could be already working in the company, but the transition of their roles can be a painful process.

The Solution - Simplify Internal Promotion

The right HRIS system can help managers and HR collaborate on hiring cases. Simplify job postings on a system that can be easily viewed by employees and outside applicants. Employees can apply for open positions without bias and competition.

The Benefits - The recruiting process is convenient through an online system. Employee gets to know of open positions and apply. This increases employee satisfaction and morale.